April 9 - 12, 2019 | Orlando, (Florida)

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Area Italian Trade Agency - Stand 2649

2P Trading - Via Aurelia km 364,800 - 55045 Pietrasanta - Italy

Phone +39 0584.792755 - Email: info@2ptrading.com

Tiles’ production

Our tiles are produced with high tech machineries; the result is a product that is within very tight tolerance standards, and therefore very manageable and light weight, making the lay out easy. Our products are followed and monitored all through the entire product cycle (from the marble blocks to the finished tile), based on market’s and single customer’s requirements. We use specific technologies to take out dampness from marble, thus facilitating selection based on background color of single pieces.

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Tradition and quality

Tradition is important for 2P. Tradition is to be in touch every day with a material, marbles and marble slabs that’s not, as it might seem, cold and inanimate, but pulsing with own life, rich of history and unique characteristics. Each block of marble is unique, each one is different from the previous one in the veins that cross it, in its peculiar color, in those “defects” that very often make one block less valuable than the other, but that are the unrepeatable expression of the hand that carved it into the mountain. There’s no block like another one, and this is for us a reason of great respect when we come close to this material that is million years old, and that we have to turn into a product that must be as much unique and valuable.

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