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Area Italian Trade Agency - Stand 2649

2P Trading - Via Aurelia km 364,800 - 55045 Pietrasanta - Italy

Phone +39 0584.792755 - Email: info@2ptrading.com

Tiles’ production

Our tiles are produced with high tech machineries;  the result is a product that is within very tight tolerance standards, and therefore very manageable and light weight, making the lay out easy.
Our products are followed and monitored all through the entire product cycle (from the marble blocks to the finished tile), based on market’s and single customer’s requirements.
We use specific technologies to take out dampness from marble, thus facilitating selection based on background color of single pieces.

These are the phases of product cycle:

  • Sawing the block
  • Cutting slabs in strips of the required width, thickness 3 cm (for finished pieces of 1 cm)
  • Splitting of strips
  • Calibration
  • Honing
  • Filling with resin and drying with UV rays
  • Polishing or other finish
  • Abutment (to make finished pieces square)
  • Again calibration on sides of tile (rectifying)
  • Beveling

Finished product thus obtained lies between minimun allowances of acceptance (+/- 0.5 mm) in thickness, length, width and squareness.
Consumables (diamond tools, abrasives, etc…) used are supplied only by specialized vendors , who test their products in our factory in order to adjust them to our processing and materials.