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Area Italian Trade Agency - Stand 2649

2P Trading - Via Aurelia km 364,800 - 55045 Pietrasanta - Italy

Phone +39 0584.792755 - Email: info@2ptrading.com


  • Materiali/Scheda


    Marble quarried in the APuanian basin, characterized by white background and busy veining with white Ovules. Available in several qualities depending on quarry, most popular are the Cervaiole, the Corchia, Vagli and Faniello.

  • Materiali/Scheda

    Bardiglio Imperiale

    Grey/blue material with possible dark veining. Available in dark and light shade and often combined with Bianco Carrara.

  • Materiali/Scheda

    Bardiglio Nuvolato

    Material from Carrara, deep grey color with rather busy white veining.  Very strong and resistant, often combined with Bianco Carrara.

  • Materiali/Scheda

    Bianco Carrara

    The ultimate classic, characterized by white background and spots or small grey veins, more or less spread. Good for both indoor and outdoor.

  • Materiali/Scheda

    Bianco Latte

    Pure white material, with soft grey veins. Its clear tone and warm background are perfect for more sophisticated projects.

  • Materiali/Scheda

    Bianco Venatino

    Variant of White Carrara, is distinguished by a white background crossed by busy grey veining, with variable dimensions.

  • Materiali/Scheda

    Botticino Fiorito

    Quarried in Northern Italy, this beige marble with small white clouds (flowers) is one of the great classics of Italian tradition.

  • Materiali/Scheda

    Botticino Semi Classico

    Quarried in Northern Italy, is a beige marble with lighter clouds and occasional thin veins.

  • Materiali/Scheda

    Calacatta Carrara

    Carrara marble with ivory white background with thicker or thinner veins with color ranging from grey to beige to gold. Available in hundreds of variations is the best seller of the decade.