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Published on 07/09/2020

After summer holidays, we restart operations in this peculiar year, with the usual enthusiasm and with the hope that the next months will witness an improvement of the global health emergency and some general reprise of our “normal” lives. We believe in it and all our efforts are dedicated to make this happen!

Today we want to propose a great classic of Italian tradition: Botticino, a marble with delicate beige/Ivory color that Is quarried in Northern Italy, precisely in the area of Brescia – where is located the second most important marble basin in Italy, after that of Carrara. Just like Bianco Carrara, also Botticino has its part in Italian history: it has been in fact used for works and monuments since over 2000 years! 

Its uniform and delicate tone makes it a timeless classic, perfectly combining to all contexts and ambients. Due to this huge versatility, Botticino is a stone that never goes out of fashion. Besides, as it has few pores and it’s very dense, it is particularly suitable for outdoor uses.

We have this material available in slabs 2 and 3 cm besides, of course, in tiles of every size. 

Send us your inquiries to have quotes and images of the available material!

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