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Published on 07/12/2020

Our offers for the month of December!
Rush to reserve your products amongst those immediately available!

Bardiglio Nuvolato: 15x7.5x1 cm 6x3x3/8” honed 175m2 1884sf - 61x30.5x1 cm 24x12x3/8” polished 91 m2 980sf honed 290 m2 3120sf

Bardiglio Imperiale: 30.5x30.5x1 cm 12x12x3/8” polished 84 m2 900 sf - 61x30.5x1 cm 24x12x3/8” honed 310 m2 3330sf

Bianco Carrara C: 30.5x30.5x1 cm 12x12x3/8” polished 200m2 2150 sf - 61x30.5x1 cm 24x12x3/8” honed 160m2 1720 sf

Biancolatte: 30.5x30.5x1 cm 12x12x3/8” polished 115 m2 1240sf honed 140 m2 1500sf

Calacatta: 61x30.5x1 cm 24x12x3/8” honed 257 m2 2760sf - 45.7x45.7x1 cm 18x18x3/8” honed 155 m2 1670sf

Statuario: 61x30.5x1 cm 24x12x3/8” polished 55m2 590sf honed 100m2 1070sf

Vision: 61x30.5x1 cm 24x123/8” honed 165 m2 1780 sf

Rigato: 61x30.5x1 cm 24x12x3/8” honed 106m2 1140 sf

Arabescato: 61x61x1 cm 24x24x3/8” polished 224 m2 2400 sf

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