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2P Trading - Via Aurelia km 364,800 - 55045 Pietrasanta - Italy

Phone +39 0584.792755 - Email: info@2ptrading.com

Products / Tiles


Our tiles are expression of quality, versatility and precision in the use of natural stone. To the traditional standard formats we add the possibility of making customized formats in any size between 20 and 61 cm (8” and 24”) and, today, also the production of rectangular sizes between 30.5x10 cm (12x6”) and 91.4x45.7 cm (36x18”).
All tiles can be produced with a thickness from 1 to 2 cm, and are beveled and calibrated.

In addition to traditional formats, we offer two new options:
Brick Tile: small sizes for a sophisticated brick effect
Tile Strip: different formats easy to match to get the highest versatility

Misure quadrate
Square formats
Dimensioni in centimetri Dimensions in inches
30.5x30.5x1 12x12x3/8''
40x40x1 116x16x3/8''
45.7x45.7x1 18x18x3/8''
61x61x1 24x24x3/8''
Misure rettangolari
Rectangular formats
Dimensioni in centimetri Dimensions in inches
30.5x10x1 12x4x3/8''
30.5x15x1 12x6x3/8''
61x30.5x1 24x12x3/8''
40x20x1 16x8x3/8''
45.7x20x1 18x8x3/8''
91.4x30.5x1 36x12x3/8''
91.4x45.7x1 36x18x3/8''
Cut to size
Cut to size

In order to give to the customer a full service 360°, 2P is also able to realize on purpose jobs and particular finishings.